Guildford votes to become a Pesticide Free Town

9 December 2021
Last night, a debate took place in Guildford’s council chambers triggered by our petition calling for Guildford to become a Pesticide Free Town. GEF is delighted to announce that following a speech by Helen Harris and Frances Rollin from our Biodiversity group as well as Nick Mole from Pesticide Action Network (PAN), Councillors voted unanimously to support the motion.

In taking this decision, Guildford joins over 60 other cities, towns and boroughs in the UK that are working to phase out their use of pesticides. 

GEF looks forward to working with the Council and with PAN to put this great result into practice! 

Find out why its so important we all stop using pesticides here:

As a GEF member, please support us by stopping using all pesticides in your garden or allotment, and encouraging your neighbours to do the same:

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