AGM plus ‘The Future for Solar Energy in Guildford’

Following the AGM, there will be a talk by Mike Smyth, Chairman and Founder of Wey Valley Solar Co-operative. “The Future for Solar Energy in Guildford” - Mike will cover the trends in solar generation, microgrids and renewable heat and discuss how, with Co-operative and Community involvement, supported by Local Council initiatives, we can make … Continue reading AGM plus ‘The Future for Solar Energy in Guildford’

Farnham Sustainability Festival 2021

Gostrey Meadow

Come and see us at the GEF stall as part of this year's Farnham Sustainability Festival.   Local organisations, charities, artisans, food and drink producers, and small businesses with a shared passion for sustainability gather together to debate, meet in person (!) and raise awareness. To comply with government guidelines, numbers will be limited. Choose … Continue reading Farnham Sustainability Festival 2021

CANCELLED – Scything Course for Beginners and Improvers

Rosamund Garden GU4 8PP

APOLOGIES - THE SCYTHING COURSE HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  WE HOPE TO RUN THIS EVENT AT A FUTURE DATE. Mark Allery is back again to teach us. Learn or improve your scything skills while managing our grass at the Rosamund Community Garden. Everything is provided, including refreshments, but please bring a packed lunch and wear suitable clothing. … Continue reading CANCELLED – Scything Course for Beginners and Improvers

Guided walk: Fraser Down/Dawcombe

A unique opportunity to take a guided walk around the beautiful chalk grassland through the Dawcombe and Fraser Down private nature reserves, given by the voluntary reserve manager Simon Humphries. Dawcombe | Surrey Wildlife Trust Fraser Down | Surrey Wildlife Trust Contact for more information.  There is no charge for this event.   Spaces … Continue reading Guided walk: Fraser Down/Dawcombe

Butterfly Identification Training

Rosamund Garden GU4 8PP

Gillian Elsom is a very knowledgeable local amateur botanist and member of Butterfly Conservation will be running an afternoon's wildflower and butterfly identification training for us on site in the Rosamund Community Garden.  This is a great opportunity for a relaxed afternoon in this beautiful space that has already really benefitted from last winter's grazing as … Continue reading Butterfly Identification Training

Sarah Jane Chimbwandira CEnv MCIEEM. CEO, Surrey Wildlife Trust

zoom link - please contact our events organiser

CANCELLED CEO of Surrey Wildlife Trust and also director and co-founder of the Surrey Nature Partnership and a Trustee for the Surrey Hills Society , Sarah Jane will be presenting to GEF: What next for Biodiversity in Surrey?  We are living through the sixth mass extinction right now, with over 50% of our bio abundance lost. The UK has one of the … Continue reading Sarah Jane Chimbwandira CEnv MCIEEM. CEO, Surrey Wildlife Trust

Learn to Scythe with Clive!

Rosamund Garden GU4 8PP

Scything is making a comeback! Scythes have been used since Roman times for cutting vegetation at ground level, and today a modern scythe is surprisingly effective for mowing small meadows, weeds such as nettles, grassy verges, and even lawns.  The ‘Introduction to Austrian Scything’ course includes the following: – How to set up the scythe … Continue reading Learn to Scythe with Clive!


What Makes Hedgerows Special?


Katy Fielding, Hedgerow, the Heritage Project Manager Conservation Manager for the North Downs (including the Pewley Down Fields site) will talk about why hedges are a vital part of the UK's ambition to restore 30% of our land for nature by 2030. What makes a good hedgerow for nature? How should we look after our hedges to maximise … Continue reading What Makes Hedgerows Special?

Post COP debate


COP26 has certainly brought climate issues into the mainstream, but will promises be kept and great changes made and what can we do to play our part?  Please join our debate on Tuesday 16 November at 7.30pm when we look forward to discussing some of the issues that have been raised Please register your interest at and we … Continue reading Post COP debate


Zero Carbon Guildford, 16 Friary St, Guildford GU1 4EH

GEF AGM 18.15 Wednesday 11 May 2022 at Zero Carbon Guildford, GU1 4EH The AGM will be followed by a talk to be given by Sarah-Jane Chimbwandira (CEO of the Surrey Wildlife Trust).  

Why Did the Hedgehog Cross the Road?

Zero Carbon Guildford, 16 Friary St, Guildford GU1 4EH

No - not the beginning of a bad joke, but a serious question about the impact of the built environment on the nation’s favourite animal! Hugh Warwick’s illustrated talk about hedgehogs will be full of information about how we can help - and you might find it funny too!

Community Orchards – a space for people, a place for wildlife

Zero Carbon Guildford, 16 Friary St, Guildford GU1 4EH

A talk exploring the role of community orchards in bringing people together in green spaces, sharing skills, and enhancing it for the benefit of wildlife and biodiversity. Includes a brief ‘how-to’, first steps for anyone looking at creating a community orchard on a green space near them! From 7.30pm at Zero, Guildford.  There is no … Continue reading Community Orchards – a space for people, a place for wildlife