Climate Change

Climate change is, alongside the biodiversity crisis, the main focus of Guildford Environmental Forum’s activity.

In 2021 GEF strongly supported the launch of the ZERO Climate Emergency project in the Centre of Guildford.

For further information on all the events at ZERO and the many Community projects, please see Funded by member donations, GEF provided the vital initial core funding of £1,250 and a further £1,250 funding on opening. Zero Carbon Guildford is a Community project that shows what can be done to reach out to residents on the climate emergency. The GEF biodiversity group, provided the biodiversity display and map in ZERO to display what can be done locally by volunteers.

In Guildford, we need to cut emissions as quickly as possible if we are to help prevent the average global temperature from rising more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. This aim is in line with the UK’s signature of the 2015 Paris Agreement at the national level, and more locally, with Guildford Borough Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in July 2019, requiring urgent action to tackle climate change. 

In light of this, members of GEF’s Climate Change Group provide advice and support on climate issues to Guildford Borough Council through meetings of its Climate Change and Innovation Board, as well as responding to consultations on policy documents like the council’s climate change strategy. 

GEF are also collaborating with the University of Surrey to engage Guildford residents in changing behaviours to reduce emissions, beginning a research project which will hopefully be only the first part of a greater effort by the University to reach out to residents to improve the sustainability of Guildford.

If you would like more information or to get involved in our activities around the climate emergency, please contact us. We have also produced a list of tips to make your life greener and more climate friendly.