The Biodiversity Group at Guildford Environmental Forum aims to preserve and enhance biodiversity within the borough, and is active in several areas:

We hold regular meetings to hear expert speakers on local wildlife issues. Recent guests have spoken about downland plants and insects, and where to find dormice in our local area.

We encourage wildlife friendly initiatives, comment on local and national policy issues, and participate in the activities of other biodiversity related groups. 

We are interested in ways of increasing awareness of biodiversity including member volunteering and fundraising for the  Rosamund Community Garden

The common-spotted orchid and silver-washed fritillary on Merrow Downs, taken by local naturalist and GEF member Gillian Elsom.

We also have a dedicated Swift Group, with members volunteering to assist with various projects including monitoring swift nests locally to ensure their health (see The Guildford Dragon article, here, for an example of what that can involve!), and pressing for such interventions as swift bricks in new builds. GEF also contributes financially to larger collaborative projects such as the Shalford Swift Tower.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of our activities on biodiversity in and around Guildford, please don’t hesitate to contact us.