Who Are We?

Alastair Atkinson


At the time of joining GEF, I was advising different cities around the world on what to do about zero carbon and how to use their resources efficiently. With the help of John Banister the then GEF Chair, I was able to put my expertise and experience to good use locally. I love the fact that the GEF members have such a huge range of passions and priorities around the environment; it generates a  great debate. My wish for Guildford would be to introduce a mechanism for us to let go of the car: it’s so engrained and embedded into every aspect of society; physically, culturally and emotionally it means it very hard for everyone to do so. 

Adrian Thompson

Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Membership

Being part of GEF means learning something new every day. For 40 years, we have felt, as a family, that nature was being taken for granted and humans were not respecting the need for the planet to be sustainably looked after. On retirement, it seemed to be time to do something to help. Increasingly, it is important that we do things locally in the hope and expectation that national government will follow. I delight in walking in the wonderful countryside on our doorstep, particularly the chalk downs, so being part of the Stepping Stones Small Blue butterfly project continues to be a highlight.

Keith Chesterton

GEF Member

As the Head of Geography at the RGS and Chairman of the local branch of the Geographical Association, I wanted to be more engaged in a range of environmental issues at a variety of scales. I also represented Guildford Borough Council in GEF as a councillor. Climate change was my motivation.  I introduced a number of initiatives including solar panels on some houses, CHP at the Spectrum, a demonstration Eco-House, extended recycling, and was able to enable more cycling schemes. 

Keith Chesterton